Book – Red Heat

Maureen Suan-Neo is the author of the book Red Heat: Secrets of Singapore-Nonya Cooking. 

Red Heat features some of Maureen’s Nonya recipes, all of which are easy to follow meaning you can produce top quality Nonya food in your own home. A good mix of mouth-watering recipes ensures that meat-eaters and vegetarians alike will be thrilled with the results.

Colour photographs of each dish mean it is easy to make the dish look attractive and make it a dinner party cookbook staple.

Red Heat makes a fantastic addition to anyone’s culinary library.


Praise for Red Heat: Secrets of Singapore-Nonya Cooking.

“I actually bought this book at Maureen’s restaurant. I was so impressed by the food in her restaurant, I just had to get a copy. Maureen’s recipes are easy to follow and you can really produce top quality meals in your own home.

I have managed to cook some lovely meals from this book, so much so that I’ve even impressed my friends who have then subsequently got copies of “Red Heat”. Using fresh ingredients wherever possible makes the flavours taste alive in your mouth. You can make really hot spicy dish and still taste what you are eating, even delicate tastes like Tiger Prawns are not lost in the chili sauce.

The recipes in “Red Heat” are presented very well, accurate colour photographs of the dish help enormously in presenting the food to your guests especially if you are inept at this task like myself. The photographs also give you confidence to see that you have cooked the dish correctly. Red Heat will be a great addition to anyone’s culinary library. There are recipes for all in this book, vegetarians as well as carnivores. I would recommend Red Heat to one and all.