Indonesian Deluxe Menu


  • Satay Daging

    Marinated beef fillet on skewers served with a spicy peanut sauce

  • Udang Goreng

    Marinated tiger prawns deep fried and served with a sweet chilli jam

  • Popiah

    Nonya spring rolls filled with crispy vegetables stir-fried with yellow bean sauce

  • Pegedel

    Spiced potato and chicken cakes served with sweet Chilli sauce


  • Rendang

    Indonesian beef curry cooked with lemongrass,coriander and roasted coconut and flavoured with kaffir lime leaves

  • Otak Otak

    Cod in spices and lime leaves wrapped in banana leaves

  • Itek Sio

    Braised duck flavoured with galangal and coriander in tamarind and soy

  • Sayur Lodeh

    Mixed seasonal vegetables cooked in a spicy coconut sauce

  • Nasi Lemak

    Jasmine fragrant rice cooked with coconut cream and flavoured with pandan leaves


  • Kueh Dadar

    Coconut pancakes filled with palm sugar flavoured with pandan leaves

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