Please find a list of my delicious sauces below. There’s some great recipes for you to try on my recipes page and they make a lovely choice when you’re entertaining. You can find out more about where you can buy them on my stockists page.

Sweet Chilli Sauce

This sauce is a favourite amongst my clients as the sweet and sour chilli condiment is versatile and is great not only as a dipping sauce for canapes but also for fried foods such as fried chicken and fish.

Spicy Peanut Sauce

My peanut sauce is made from a family recipe with fresh herbs and spices including lemongrass and galangal. Traditionally it is served as a dipping sauce for Satay but can also be used as a salad dressing for the Malaysian salad, Gado Gado.

Chilli Oil

The chilli oil consists mainly of dried chillies and onions and is a condiment normally served with dim sum dishes. My son sometimes uses it to spice up a stir-fried meat, noodle or rice dish.

Thai Red Curry Mix

Red Thai chicken curry is one of the most popular Thai curries and takes less than ten minutes to prepare with the help of Suan Neo Red Thai Curry mix. This readymade sauce can also be added to fillet of white fish such as Cod or halibut to create a great Thai fish curry.

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Rendang Curry Mix

Rendang beef curry is a complex recipe and is labour intensive in the preparation of the spice mix. Rendang Curry Mix saves you time and effort and is readymade. Simply add the mix to stewing steak to create a truly delicious Rendang Curry.

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Nonya Sambal Mix

This is my family recipe for a delicious Nonya Curry. It is traditionally made with chicken. Just add chicken and coconut milk to the mix for a rich and unctuous cury full of lemony flavours.

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Surani Sauce

The tangy tamirind and sweet chilli flavours of the Surani sauce is the perfect accompaniment to crispy fried fish such as salmon, halibut, mackerel or seabass fillet. Simply pour the reheated Surani sauce over the crispy fish.

Panang Curry Mix

Panang beef curry is a delicious and mild curry to serve as part of an Asian feast. My spice mix helps you re-create this complex dish in under an hour by just adding the mix and coconut milk to diced beef and cooking the curry.

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Chilli and Ginger Sauce

This is the sauce for the original Singapore Chilli Crab dish but is also delicious with any seafood.

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  1. Claire Batten says:

    Can I order some Sweet Chilli Sauce directly from you? I had bought two jars from a Spanish shop in North Cross Street in East Dulwich but they have stopped stocking it.

  2. Dr Harvey Hunting says:


    What is your best price for 10 jars of your Nonya chilli oil? Also where will I actually buy it from?


    Dr. Harvey Hunting

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