If you would like to buy some of my delicious sauces you can find them at the following stockists:

Alternatively you can contact me through the Nonya Secrets website or via email and I can ship your order direct.

4 thoughts on “Stockists

  1. Tushna Ghadially says:

    Hi – I made your Nonya Sambal curry today – it was delicious and even my 2-year old daughter liked it (after I added some palm sugar to hers!). My husband bought some of your pastes from the recent Broadgate Market which you kindly delivered to his office as you had sold out. . He used to be a regular at ASAP.

    How do we get more of your sauces? When are you next at a market in Broadgate? Or any market in Central London? Alternatively my parents are in the Richmond/Kingston area so can reach any markets you might do in that area.

    Also, I was wondering if your book has the recipe for ginger chicken. That was a great favourite of both mine and my husband when visiting ASAP.

    Thank you so much. We really enjoyed our dinner today.
    Kind regards,

  2. lesley rash says:

    I went to the Wealdon Fair in June this year and bought four of your amazing sauces. They are fabulous and now I am on the last jar I would be very keen in buying some more. Can I buy them on-line or is there anywhere in west end London I can purchase them.

    I would be grateful to know.

    Many thanks.

  3. Joey chan says:


    I really like your red curry paste and would like to purchase 10-15 bottles. Wonder if there’s discount avail? I can pick up on Thursday at Cardinal place market at lunch. Thanks! -Joey

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