26 Aug: Oriental Canapés

In this class Maureen will teach you how to cook Oriental Canapés.  The demonstration starts at 6:30pm and lasts approximately 2 hours, during which sample canapés will be circulated.  Afterwards, attendees will be invited to try their hand at making the spring rolls and dumplings*. The evening ends at about 9pm.

 Oriental Canapés Menu

Nonya spring rolls

Thai Fishcakes

Oriental steamed dumplings

Crispy wantuns

Dipping sauces

Cost per person £55 to include a glass of wine and canapes.


To book, please e-mail Maureen or call 020 7256 5045


*Supplementary Fee may apply.

One thought on “26 Aug: Oriental Canapés

  1. Stefanie says:

    Hi Maureen – two questions. When is your next Southeast Asian Vegetarian class? Also , I’d love to take your Dim Sum class – but I’m vegetarian… can the recipes be adapted? Thanks very much, would love to to take these 2 class! Stefanie

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